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Terms & Conditions

Nail Service Guidelines


Nail services will be performed using my professional expertise when using implements, equipment, tools, or certain techniques when performing a manicure or pedicure service. 


If you have certain health conditions or concerns please be aware that certain implements, equipment, tools, or certain techniques can not be performed or used. 


SoulTree is not a salon or doctor but a Specialty Nail Care Mobile Service. Please if you have any questions or concerns let me know email or call 916-284-9497.


*Weather Conditions 

Please aware nail services can be preformed outside, only if weather conditions allows this  includes: hot, cold, warm to mild, windy conditions even unhealthy air quality at my discretion.


If weather conditions are severe or unsafe to drive in appointments will be rescheduled.

Are subject to change based on initial quote, package, or assessment of nails in person after seeing nails.
This goes for regular nail care or specialty nail care services. 

*Gift Cards

Cannot be redeemed online but accepted at the time of service. Once gift cards are purchased they become non-refundable.


For SoulTree to provide professional nail care services all new clients for the first time must provide a picture of nails (hands, feet, or both before having mobile services). This can be done through text message or email and will remain confidential. 

*Does not apply to special events*



Please Note: With respect to Covid-19 and regards to being vaccinated, I’ve been vaccinated an test regular and negative for the virus. To keep myself safe and those I choose to provide services to, I kindly and respectfully ask individual’s be vaccinated and continue to wear mask and social distance when applicable. 



All COVID-19 health, safety, and guidelines are followed. Including mask (face coverings) and proper hand washing. If anyone is, has, feel sick, including a cold, runny nose, sore throat, headache, fever 99 degrees or above, stomach ache, loss of appetite, or other related symptoms please do not attend, reschedule your appointment, or have individuals who have or had possible exposure or yourself for the protection of others please reschedule. I have no problem with rescheduling appointments for the protection and safety of all individuals. 


I still will provide service if not vaccinated but must be symptom free, wear a mask, and have not been exposed prior to service. NO Covid-19 within 3 weeks of service or been exposed must have negative test Covid-19 and provide proof before service preformed (Home Test are Accepted). 


Staying healthy and safe is my first priority. 

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