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Now offering Private Boutique Location for a private spa experience. Call 916-284-9497 for more information, or request at booking.

SoulTree is moving towards waterless pedicures and manicures for a more safe and healthier experience. At my discretion pedicures and manicures who need foot or hand baths will be provided.

Have your service done by a professional pedicurist and manicurist.

For all new clients pictures of both hands and feet or hands or just feet for services you wanting to have are required. This is a pre-consultation to ensure the best package is selected for service.  **If you are unable to let me know but check if she has regular or gel polish on her toes please**


  • ️Pictures are confidential. 

  • ️NO DEPOSIT = NO APPOINTMENT (Unfortunately I can not make any exceptions and thank you for understanding).

  • ️Please note I do not offer gel polish but will remove polish for an extra fee.  

  • ​️Travel fee will be calculated once address is confirmed.

Deposit Details:

All deposits are required, non-refundable, and half of service amount. Must be received 10 days before scheduled appointment or at time of booking for some services or events. This includes travel fee as well. For deposit details please call or text 916-284-9497. I will send reminders and confirmation of received.

Cancellations and Rescheduling Appointments:

All cancellations or rescheduling appointments must be made within 72 hours. A phone call or text message to 916-284-9497 from 8AM - 5PM. If not a $75 fee will be due before booking future appointments.

Below you will find details of services/packages I’m currently offering.

COVID-19 Guidelines:

Please Note: With respect to COVID-19 and regards to being vaccinated, I’ve been vaccinated and test regular and negative for the virus. To keep myself safe and those I choose to provide services to, I kindly and respectfully ask individual’s be vaccinated and continue to wear mask and social distance when applicable. 


Note: All COVID-19 health, safety, and guidelines are followed. Including mask (face coverings) and proper hand washing. If anyone is, has, feel sick, including a cold, runny nose, sore throat, headache, fever 99 degrees or above, stomach ache, loss of appetite, or other related symptoms please do not attend, reschedule your appointment, or have individuals who have or had possible exposure or yourself for the protection of others please reschedule. I have no problem with rescheduling appointments for the protection and safety of all individuals. 


I still will provide service if not vaccinated but must be symptom free, wear a mask, and have not been exposed prior to service. NO COVID-19 within 3 weeks of service or been exposed must have negative test COVID-19 and provide proof before service preformed (Home Test are Accepted). 

Other Services, Fees and Special Instructions

Medical Routine Foot Care Available 

Inquiry for more details 916-284-9497 

No Insurance Accepted 

Spa Parties​

Inquiry for more details 916-284-9497

Private Parties

Inquiry for more details 916-284-9497

Concierge Services

Inquiry for more details 916-284-9497

Cancellations and Rescheduling Appointments:

All cancellations or rescheduling appointments must be made within 72 hours. A phone call or text message to 916-284-9497 from 8AM - 5PM. If not a $75 fee will be due before booking future appointments.

Some Nail Treatments/ Strengthener Treatment or Callus Treatment/Removal is $25

*Note: Additional Trimming, Nail Filing, Callus Treatment or any other nail service outside of general nail care service under the selected package, which requires extra care to your nail service is $50 per hour and up for manicure or pedicure may apply. Approximately time may vary.

*Please be aware that some services may be performed waterless for health and safety concerns. 


*Nails should be free and clear of any nail enhancements including gel polish or nail enhancements.  Please let me know if you have any product or materials prior to your appointment. I must bring proper equipment and implements to do your nails.

If your nails have existing gel polish or nail extensions it’s an extra $40 to remove nail enhancements from hands or feet. Please let me know prior to service. *Additional Charge May Apply 


*SoulTree does not offer Gel Polish, Deigns, Nail Extensions, Art Designs or other colors using various powders. SoulTree specializes in natural nails offering manicure, pedicure, and Specialty Nail Care Service. 

Unfortunately SoulTree is unable to perform any services with regards to ingrown toenails.

Private Boutique Location

Enjoy a private spa experience in-house in our luxury boutique. Request during booking. Call

916-284-9497 for more information.

Travel Fees​

Travel Fee $75 and up depending on your location once address is confirmed. 


The Client is responsible for all parking-related fees, including but not limited meters, tolls, parking & valet expenses incurred while services are being provided.

SoulTree Vegan Nails Boutique specializes in natural healthy nail care - simply polished. 

I look forward to treating you.

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